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a story of soil and people

The SAINT GERMAIN family is settled in the ariege region for several generations. They are farmers of passion, determination and efficency on this land.

The land culture has kept evolving and new technologies have appeared with the implementation of more and more sophisticated systems, meant to optimize irrigation, determining element to improve the performances of the harvests. Thus, these new needs led Mr Georges SAINT GERMAIN and his brother Raymond, to manufacture their own parts to use them on their own land exploitation.

Little by little, the farmers in the neighbourhood also asked them for supply for these particular parts intended for irrigation. Gradually, needs became refined and the range widened.

This is the way the story of SOCOMEX began.

The company was launched in 1985. Seriousness, rigor, the constant will to satisfy customers , have been the key words from the very beginning .

In September, 2002, Georges SAINT GERMAIN, the company manager, decided to retire from business, making way for the new generation, Philippe and Pascal, his nephews, and Françoise, his daughter . With the same determination, they strive to perpetuate this policy and develop the company.

Their primary objective is to ensure the continuity of the know-how, the quality of service, seriousness, the fame from which benefits the SOCOMEX by always choosing a policy of development and progress.

Socomex today...

The SOCOMEX is specialized in the manufacturing and the marketing of steel parts intended for industrial irrigation.

Always tuned to new needs , a painting and coating workshop was created in 2003, to answer a specific request in terms of surface treatments.

Taking advantage of the existence of this working tool, we had the opportunity to develop another commercial offer by making a range of urban furniture intended for communities and companies as well.

The company managers also chose to invest in automated machines tools (water-jet cut, welding robot, automatic saw) to optimize the quality and the performances of production.

An engineering office was also created for the design of new projects and realizations.

SOCOMEX keeps moving, progressing, adapting with the necessary rigor and in the demand for quality, core of its spirit of service.